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If life out there is an adventure

get ready to deal with it

intercultural training

by andrea sebben

your adaptation on & off the field

Packing to board?

Are you going to play in another country or is your coach a foreigner? Are you hiring athletes from abroad and want to guarantee the success of your club?

It would be great to have a "recipe" ready on how to adapt and make sure you make the right decision.

Ensuring the well-being of the player on and off the pitch, of his family, optimizing his performance in different countries is our goal.

Discover the preparation for the best athletes in the world:

intercultural training.

Intercultural TRAINING for


Your team of athletes or professionals is made up of people from different cultures. Communication, complicity, emotional proximity are fundamental for the success of the teams. We strengthen that.


Social workers, coaches, fitness coaches, psychologists & other professionals who deal with foreign players and their families. Our know-how will help immensely in the final results.


Players when they arrive abroad have to adapt on & off the field. With their wives & children and all the challenge that the experience abroad offers.

We reassure them..


Naturally, wives play a fundamental role in adapting players, their well-being depends on how much they feel at home outside.

We build this




There are more than 130 mental categories that define the behavior of people. Knowing this internal "driver" of cultures is essential for leadership, coexistence and negotiation with foreign cultures.

We teach them.


When going international, the Club goes to a much more complex dimension than the domestic sphere. Dealing with foreign cultures all the time is enriching & calls for new skills.

We develop them.

it's been a while since football has inovated.

Hundreds of professionals travel from country to country taking on new challenges over the years.

Who takes care of your psychological preparation? Who prepares them for the cultural challenges they will face? For high performance in a new environment?

Did you know that there are sciences aimed at the well-being of these athletes so that their stay abroad is carried out in a more intelligent, productive & successful way?


It is the point guard preparing the move for his goal.

Expected results:

  • Improved acceptance of the athlete in the chosen country;

  • Improvement in the athlete's performance, self-esteem and self-confidence;

  • High productivity / utilization while staying at the club in the field;

  • Greater adjustment and adaptability of the player and his family;

  • Greater satisfaction in partners and local professionals (coaches, managers, teammates, professionals involved with the player;

  • Less inconvenience to family members in the country of origin;

  • Better understanding of the local rules of the country and the Club, avoiding unnecessary stress and conflicts;

  • Increasing the Agent's credibility with athletes;

  • Increasing the Club's credibility with the athlete;

  • Low incidents that could harm the Club or the host community;

  • Increase of the Agent's trustworthiness / reliability with international partners;

  • Strengthening the image of the Agent in the local & international market;

  • Significant improvement in the relationship between Agent & player;

  • Significant improvement in the athlete's behavior during his adaptation and stay in the foreign Club.


The experience was incredible !!!   Mainly because I expected it to be only for athletes. But it was much broader and opened my mind to multiculturalism and behavior, interpersonal relationships and more. Thank you!!!

Raul Pires Fachini, Pelé Campus Football Supervisor

A new and very interesting activity.

The dynamics are fun and easy to assimilate. Using simple language and her rich life experience, Andrea makes this day a real spectacle!

Norway Cup football coach Valter Lopes

Simply spectacular! Clubs hardly care about the intercultural preparation of athletes, especially because I think they don't even know that it exists.

When I went to Portugal I had no guidance of this kind. My family and I got by.

Congratulations on what you do! Go ahead! Football needs!

- Ricardo Naruseviciu, football coach Campus Pelé

A very productive experience! When the players go abroad this is the main difficulty: adaptation, customs, language, the family. Despite having lived 11 years abroad, I confess that in just one meeting I learned things that I had never thought of before. I recommend it to all athletes in general, and especially to ours at Savio Soccer.

- Savio Pimentel, CEO Savio Soccer and former player Real Madrid, Flamengo, Zaragoza, Bordeaux, Anorthosis. Sociedad among others

I am taking this new phase of my life very seriously. Intercultural training helped me to face the time I have at Internacional even more lightly. Going to such a different place is no longer a problem in my head. Much calmer game. I think that all players who are going abroad deserve to go through an activity like this.

- Sandro Rainiere, transferred to Tottenham FC

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