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We prepare you & your team to overcome the challenges of
adaptation, negotiation & coexistence with foreign cultures

in a very different way

intercultural training by andrea sebben

Culture is not only what is outside, it is what is inside, it is the mental scheme of  people.

Did you know that there are almost 130 Mental Categories that help us understand peoples' behavior? And it is through them that we can greatly improve people's performance in living, negotiating & adapting with people from other countries. Our know-how has a name and history:
More than 30 years in the area of
Intercultural Psychology & Intercultural Education .

To strengthen yourself and your family in an expatriation

To strengthen & equip you & your family for long-term and sustainable adaptation to long-term changes

Develop global leadership for foreign teams

Work with multicultural teams

Conflict management within multicultural teams

Inclusion of families in the process of changing country or permanent migration.

WHY DO you do

for companies, professionals & people who


Want to develop intercultural competence in the company's culture

Are buying foreign companies

Are on a business mission in foreign countries

Please encourage cultural diversity as a source of enrichment and not conflict

Go international

And move on


Because my team is global, I am sure it will help to improve understanding and respect for others. Excellent, thank you!

- Patrícia Carandreli, VOLVO

I would like to congratulate you for the beautiful work and the curriculum that makes all of us, who work in this area to start thinking about the expatriation process. Most of the time we do not realize the human complexity that is a process like this and Andréa translates it with great sensitivity. Once again congratulations!

- Andrea Dias de Souza,

Human Resources DOW CHEMICAL

The training brought me tools to try to be more flexible in the work environment and to enjoy my stay in India even more.

I realized that success in the next two years depends entirely on my behavior. The more open to another culture, the more valuable my experience will be. The responsibility for success is mine!


- Donato Collani Rodrigues, GERDAU

The diversity of concepts leads us to a reality that is much more complex than we imagined for expatriation. In short: Very good!

It prepared me, taught me and challenged me. Thank you!

- Inivaldo João de Souza Filho, BOSCH

I've done several trainings in my life, but never in my 15 years offshore did I have a meeting like today. Really essential for our industry where we live with foreigners all the time.

I had never thought about our work in such a profound way. It was fascinating!

I wish all ships could have this kind of training.

Dave Van der Merwe

MODEC crew - oil and gas

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