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Hello,I'm Andrea!

  • How do I get access to the virtual training?
    Virtual Intercultural Training is released based on data provided by the agency. Your email is shared with our team and we grant you access. - 1- Once your access is granted, you will receive a confirmation email. 2- Enter the page< /a> click on "START THE COURSE" 3- Register your e-mail (must be the same as the one you received the invitation e-mail) and create a password. 4- Okay, now whenever you need to access the training, go to: and in the menu click on access to the course. IMPORTANT Access to training is individual, that is, your access is unique and non-transferable. Do not share your login with anyone, exchange students and guardians have different access to training.
  • I forgot my password, how do I recover it?
    This process is super simple, check out the step by step: 1- Access the link: https://www.andreasebben 2- Click login, forgot password 3- Enter your email 4- Click on the link received in your email 5- Create a new password 6- Visit the link again: https://www. and log in with your email and the new registered password.
  • How many modules does the training have?
    Our intercultural training has 12 modules.
  • Does the training have subtitles? How to add caption in modules?
    The Intercultural training was recorded in English, currently it has subtitles in Portuguese (BR) that can be activated using the "CC" button on the video itself. To enable subtitle: 1- Click on the "CC" icon to activate the subtitle; 2- Select the desired subtitle language; 3- Ready, your content will be transcribed in the selected language.
  • Do I need to watch the training all at once?
    No, your access to the training is for 15 days. So you can watch however you like.
  • Can exchange students and guardians use the same login?
    No. Each login is unique as learning performance is measured in the final quiz. With this you will be able to issue your certificate which is unique and is generated in the name of the login that completed the course and the final quiz.
  • How to get the training certificate?
    To issue the certificate it is necessary to have attended the 12 modules of the course, once the training is completed the button to take the final quiz will be enabled. Click take the quiz, take the quiz completely. Your certificate will be issued if your score reaches at least 80%, otherwise, repeat the procedure.
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